the Truth about Ghosts, Aliens, and Mysterious Beings


The Paranormal Conspiracy: the Truth about Ghosts, Aliens, and Mysterious Beings explores the spiritual transformation of Western culture and offers unique insight into the rise of bizarre phenomena signaling the End of the Age.

Something very alarming is afoot.  The following chart reveals how Western culture is experiencing an unprecedented explosion of fascination with all things paranormal:

Paranormal-theme Television Programs 1976-2014
United States, Canada, and the UK



The sharply rising curve on the chart indicates changing attitudes towards paranormal activity.  With few exceptions, the television programs on the chart implicitly accept a view of reality representing a radical sea change from that of our most recent forefathers.  Half a century ago, ESP, mediums, ghostly hauntings, and other paranormal phenomena were relegated to the fringes of society.  Most people looked askance at such practices as “wacky” or viewed them as dark (“occult”) arts to be avoided.  UFO sightings were a rarity, and “alien abductions” were unknown.  Other phenomena, such as crop circles, were yet to make their appearance.

The common attitude towards the paranormal was rooted in the Judeo-Christian worldview, which teaches that spiritual seeking is properly directed towards the God of the Bible through meditative prayer and worship, and the contemplative reading of Scripture and spiritual literature.  This worldview also affirms the existence of the Dark Side: i.e., the objective reality of evil, demonic powers.  Accordingly, all occult channels leading to contact with spiritual powers are dangerous and to be avoided at all costs.

Polling indicates that the biblical understanding about the nature of spiritual reality is no longer the predominant view.  A recent Gallup poll, for example, found that surprising numbers are open to a wide variety of paranormal experience.  The poll found that “76 percent of Americans believe in the paranormal, which included questions about reincarnation, ESP, channeling spirits, clairvoyance and astrology”.   It is a fair assumption that many of the people who answer in the positive “believe” in the sense of affirming the legitimacy of such practices.

This profound shift of attitude regarding the paranormal and occult practices cannot help but lead to unknown and dire consequences for Western culture.  As the “doors of perception” – ala Aldous Huxley – to paranormal spiritual powers are thrown open wide, one considers with trepidation what might pass through.

The Paranormal Conspiracy: the Truth about Ghosts, Aliens, and Mysterious Beings investigates the astounding range of otherworldly phenomena that is challenging the zeitgeist of the West.  It reveals how the influence of the Judeo-Christian worldview is under attack from a mystical new “paradigm” that will prepare the world for the end-time events of human history.  The book shows how traditional occult activity such as ghosts and demonic possession is linked to the new “techno-occultism” of UFOs and alien abductions.

The new “Paranormal Paradigm” has given birth to the current fascination with the zombie apocalypse.  The casting down of the old centers of authority – including ecclesiastical authority – will not lead to emancipation and boundless freedom and potential.  Rather, it will end in anarchy and chaos.  In the words of one commentator: “The feeling that things are rapidly unraveling and coming apart is a constant theme in social media and shared by vast swaths of the population, not to mention visualized in everything from backyard bunkers to Zombie apocalypse decals, Facebook groups, and bar crawls. Collectively, we have lost our belief in a positive future.”

Zombies symbolize paranormal entities that prey upon humans in a society whose citizens live in fear not only of the growing anarchy, but of malevolent powers that seek to destroy them.  This is much more than just an abstract theoretical possibility.  The Paranormal Conspiracy: the Truth about Ghosts, Aliens, and Mysterious Beings explores how belief in zombies in Haiti and African society, for example, is connected to the same kind of societal breakdown and chronic fear of oppressive spirits.

Scripture clearly indicates that in the last days a supreme manifestation of evil will arise to deceive, if possible, the people of God: “The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons” (I Timothy 4:1).  For this to occur will require a cultural transformation leading to “openness” to paranormal phenomena – “doctrines of demons.”  The Paranormal Conspiracy: the Truth about Ghosts, Aliens, and Mysterious Beings explores how this growing acceptance of occult phenomena will prepare the way for the Antichrist.

The Paranormal Conspiracy: the Truth about Ghosts, Aliens, and Mysterious Beings promises to be an insightful analysis disguised as a page-turner filled with fascinating stories about mysterious phenomena and how it relates to prophecy.  Last but not least, the book addresses the question of “how shall we then live” in the midst of a culture that is rejecting biblical truth while being seduced by the new spiritual paradigm.